1 Exercise Tools for Children with Juvenile Arthritis Santosh Sridhar Mysore, RavikrishnaGanapathiBhat, GeethaPriyaMurugesan, Narendra Reddy, MaravanjiGangadhariahAnantha Prasad, Deepak VijayakumarIngale, Krishna Kishore Jonnalagadda 201741016090 08.05.2017 Filed
2 Disposable Bandage with embedded Smart Electronics for Continuous Monitoring of Chronic Wounds Santosh Sridhar Mysore, GeethaPriyaMurugesan, RavikrishnaGanapathiBhat 201741003967 03.02.2017 Filed
3 A Novel Haemostatic Material as a Rapid First-Aid Solution Santosh Sridhar Mysore, Narendra Reddy, Roopa Reddy, RavikrishnaGanapathiBhat 201741003966 03.02.2017 Filed
4 Design and Fabrication of Unripe Banana Peeling Machine Anantha Prasad M. G. 4863/CHE/2015 Filed
5 Natural Fiber or Fibrous Material based Completely Biodegradable Food Containers Narendra Reddy, Krishna Venkatesh, S. Balaji, M.S. Santosh, Kishore Jonnalagadda PCT/IB2016/000218 23.03.2015 Filed
6 Circuitry for optimizing fuel consumption in an internal combustion engine Gopalakrishna K, Krishna Venkatesh 3798/CHE/2014 dated 02.08.2014 Filed
7 β-Ni(OH)2/ Multiwalled carbon nanotubes as high energy supercapacitors Kathyayini N, K Venkatesh, Nagaraju N, Chaitra K 5997/CHE/2014 Filed
8 Design and development of a low cost thermal paste Kathyayini H, K. Gopalakrishna, Krishna Venkatesh HQ IPR/FA/12057-l/2012 14/01/2013 Filed
9 Development of additive based lubricants for sliding surfaces C. B. Mohan, Krishna Venkatesh, K. Gopalakrishna HQ IPR/FA/12059-L/2012 4/1/2013 Filed
10 Development of acid functionalized MWCNTs for esterification of benzyl alcohols with carboxylic acids Kathyayini N, Krishna Venkatesh, Nagaraju N, Minchitha K U HQ IPR/FA/12058-L/2012 4/1/2013 Filed
11 Composite paste to buildup surfaces and the process of making paste K. Gopalakrishna, C. B. Mohan 4903/CHE/2012 26.11.2012 Filed
12 System and method for simultaneous data transfer among removable external storage devices using mobile computing devices Krishna Venkatesh, Shravan A Kulkarni, Krishna Kishore J, Anand V Kulkarni 3729/CHE/2012 11.09.2012 Filed